Ayurveda Add-On Therapies

NEW! Herbal Hot Compress 

Our handcrafted herbal compresses contain a combination of traditional Ayurvedic + Thai dried herbs, wrapped in cotton. It is heated in an herbal steamer and the warm bundle is then applied directly to the skin.

This treatment is ideal for alleviating stiff, sore or pulled muscles, chronic back aches, arthritis, treatment of certain skin conditions, and alleviating chronic stress or anxiety. It is also said to boost immunity, help flush excess fat from the body, increase energy and support healing of the female reproductive system after childbirth

After your session the compress is yours to keep and use again. 

Add our Herbal Hot Compress treatment to any session at The Lotus Room for $25 (while supplies last).

|| Active Herbs ||

The herbs used in our compress possess properties that are anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent and antioxidant including: 

  • Lemongrass
  • Ginger
  • Camphor  
  • Kaffir Lime 
  • Turmeric  
  • Tamarind Leaf
  • Cinnamon

|| Keeping Your Herbal Hot Compress ||

Each time an Herbal Compress is activated, it is good for 5-7 uses or until the scent is gone. 

The Herbal Compress should be kept in a tightly closed plastic bag and stored in the refrigerator. 

To Re-Use:

Heat the compress using boiling water and a steamer, then apply to body as needed.

OR (Our favorite method) 

Use it as a bath tea by placing the whole compress [still contained in cotton] into a warm bath, while you soak in herbal bliss. Good for one time use only. 

Nasya || Ayurvedic Sinus Treatment 

Breathe Better. Feel Better. Live Better. 

Nasya (nah-see-yuh) is the Ayurvedic practice of lubricating the nasal passages using a special herb infused oil + pressure relieving massage techniques of the head.

The sister of the famed Neti Pot Therapy, Nasya is a subtle and effective treatment that soothes irritated noses by clearing up congestion, reducing sinus inflammation and flushing accumulated allergens from the head. 

The Traditional Ayurvedic Sinus Treatment || Nasya includes: 

Lavender + Eucalyptus steam therapy 

A few drops of warm herb infused oil administered into each nostril

Traditional Ayurvedic head massage with focus on specific release points to relieve sinus pressure from the head, neck and shoulders  

Add Nasya to any session at The Lotus Room for  $10.

Sandalwood Rose Body Mask

Awaken the divine within

A rejuvenating body mask made of Indian sandalwood powder, rose essential oil and organic Aloe Vera is applied to your chest, neck + shoulders. 

It is removed with a rosewater towel, leaving delicate skin nourished and youthful. 

Add our Sandalwood Rose Body Mask to any session at The Lotus Room for $10.