We believe that healing is both an art + a science, and we are on a divine mission to bring peace to the world. 

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"The Art and Science of Longevity." 

Ayurveda (ah-yer-vey-duh) is a science of holistic healing, dating back to the Vedic period of India.

As a complete medical system, Ayurveda acknowledges all aspects of our life as a path towards total well being.

What we love most about Ayurveda is that it’s not a trend - it is wisdom passed down and used over thousands of years, evolving with the ages yet rooted in timeless philosophy.

It is our intention to uphold this time honored practice by offering the most traditional, effective, and sacred therapies Ayurveda has to share. 

Massage Therapy

Every body is unique.

Whether looking for relief from chronic pain or simply seeking some much needed R&R, each session here at The Lotus Room is designed to meet your individual body needs.

Sessions include the use of Ayurvedic natural oils, essential oils and utilize a blend of massage techniques from East to West - aimed at easing troubled minds, soothing sore muscles, improving circulation, increasing energy, promoting healthy Zzz’s & encouraging all around happiness.

retreats + Workshops

Here at The Lotus Room we offer a variety of workshops to educate and inspire our community towards kindness, vitality + complete wellness. 

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The term shirodhara comes from the Sanskrit words shiro (head) and dhara (flow). It is an ancient Vedic body therapy where a steady, gentle stream of warm herbal oil is continuously poured over the forehead and 3rd eye chakra. The gentle but constant oil application stimulates healthy blood circulation to the brain and pituitary gland, naturally calming the nervous system and inducing a bliss like state. 

The Lotus Room’s Shirodhara treatment is designed to cultivate a sense of deep mind/body relaxation from head to toe, giving your nervous system the opportunity to begin repairing itself organically.

Each session begins with a relaxation massage of the feet, head + shoulders, followed by the continuous application of warmed organic herbal oil poured over your head.

welcome to shirobliss.

East, meet West...

This Eastern medicine treatment is for alleviating stiff or pulled muscles, and easing fibromyalgia + arthritis symptoms. In Thailand, it is also a recommended treatment for women who have recently given birth as it's said to help rebalance horomones and heal the reproductive system.

Our handcrafted herbal compresses contain a combination of both Thai + Ayurvedic dried herbs, wrapped in cotton. It is heated in an herbal steamer and then used around the body throughout your massage.

After your session the compress is yours to keep and use again.