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Ayurveda (ah-yer-vey-duh) is an ancient science of holistic healing, dating back to the Vedic period of India.

It's name is made up of two sanskrit words : “Ayus” and “Veda.” Ayus is union of the mind, body, senses and soul. It is the eternal life force that gives all living things energy and vitality. It is the essence of life. Veda means science, wisdom or understanding of.

To us Ayurveda means, "The Art and Science of Longevity." 

As a complete medical science, Ayurveda acknowledges regular body work as part of a healthy lifestyle to reduce stress, ease aches + pains and support quality sleep.

Famed for it's use of medicated herbal oils and thoughtful application, each session is designed to nourish and rejuvenate your being as a whole - mind, body + spirit.    

It is our intention to uphold this time honored practice by offering the most traditional, effective, and sacred therapies Ayurveda has to share. 

Ayurveda Massage 

This healing experience is inspired by the wellness treatments you would see offered at the Ayurvedic healing centers of Southern India, the homeland of Ayurveda.

The Ayurveda Massage Includes:

Indian Head Massage [Champissage] with organic Bhringaraj + Sesame herbal oil || Reduces migraines, depression, anxiety + nourishes hair and scalp 

Ayurvedic Dry Massage [Garshana] || Exfoliates the skin while stimulating healthy blood + lymph flow 

Full Body Therapeutic Massage [Abhyanga] with tri-doshic herb infused oil

Thai Foot Reflexology Treatment || Relieves foot, leg + hip pain 

60 Minutes || $99      90 Minutes || $150     120 Minutes || $199

Indian Head Massage || Champissage

A traditional Ayurvedic therapy, this 30 minute healing session focuses solely upon the head, neck and upper shoulders.

Warm organic Bhringaraj + Sesame herbed oil is poured throughout the hair and scalp and then massaged in using tension relieving techniques leaving you feeling lighter in both mind and body. 

This traditional massage improves blood flow to the head and neck, aids in easing overactive or anxious minds, helps reduce frequency of migraines and tension headaches, in addition to contributing to improved concentration and opening of the crown chakra.

|| About the oil ||

Bhringaraj, known as "the ruler of hair" rejuvenates the hair and scalp, supported by the cooling and cleansing effects of Amalaki and Brahmi (Gotu Kola). Together, the certified organic herbs are used to infuse the oil with qualities known to Ayurveda to strengthen and protect the hair. 

30 Minutes || $50